Our vision is to spread the word about SKIKE.

Encourage to try it on with TRY SKIKE before you even buy it.

Help to learn with our One or Two-to-One SKIKE SESSIONS.

Find places and tracks to use skike on in Ireland.

We hope to visit all Irish provinces: Muster, Leinster, Ulster and Connacht to find and check on our own bones tracks that can be suitable for SKIKE.

We want to show you how easily it can be mixed with other sports.

We will post all about it on skikeireland in our Blog/News section.

Don’t only read about it but watch how we are getting on, on our YouTube Chanel.

SKIKE is a fresh breeze for any sport enthusiast to get again that spark of experiencing something new.  

Wish you all enjoyable and safe skiking, 

4x4sb | skikeireland - Sebastian and Barbara