SEBASTIAN: Our adventure with SKIKE has started during our holidays in France in 2011, when I wanted to make my wife’s dream come true and teach her how to roll skate. We bought two pairs as souvenirs. With a lack of a previous experience on any similar equipment she found it too difficult to control the speed and properly brake. Second of all she wanted to move from place A to place B and she found that our roads are too uncomfortable for it.

BARBARA: My dream was to roll skate, I was not allowed to as a child for many reasons. I am not a fan of running as my technique and fitness level would not let me to do much of it, and I like cycling although sitting for longer period of time is not the best solution for me. I always wanted to do something between, with lower impact than running but more vertical and more muscle involve motion. I just don’t want to sit during exercise. I like trekking and visiting new places and when I saw SKIKE I knew it is something to help me to achieve my goal. 

SEBASTIAN: I was browsing websites to find something for her and found SKIKE and she loved the idea of having poles as a backup and an extra support just in case she gets unbalanced. I could see that she felt more confident as first thing she learned was how to brake. After a few tips we were able to go outside pick a quiet path and do our first 3km. It was not perfect but it was a beginning and pretty much some achievement at that time for her. 

BARBARA: First thing that I have liked about SKIKE was an option of taking them off and being able to walk, especially some of the awkward part of the path. Second, were brakes. Finally, I was able to maintain the speed on the straight track or even slopes. I was able to control the movement and stop anytime I want.  

SEBASTIAN: Finally, Barbara will take some classes and builds up her confidence. It is time to start everything all over again without poles at the beginning.  

BARBARA: There are still lots of things that I need to learn. I cannot compare myself to Sebastian as my balance on SKIKE is something that I still need to work on. I have been building up fitness and my legs strength. I cannot wait what I will be capable in the future.